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Simple way to manage your warranty receipts

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Q. What is Chambu ?

Chambu aims to enable users to take the guesswork out of finding their invoice or warranties when needed. By simply storing your warranty receipts and invoices in the application, you enable yourself to easily track them and ensure that all your warranties are still valid. Chambu is accessible 24/7 and reduces the hassle at critical times as you don’t have to search through piles of paper trying to find a warranty/receipt that is already stored in the application.

Q. How Do I Use Chambu ?

All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1.  CLICK the ‘+’ in the bottom middle of the screen and add UP TO three photos of the warranty/receipts
  2.  RECORD both the purchase and warranty details in the application and submit.
  3.  RETRIEVE the receipts/warranties at the time of need.

Q. What does the Green, Orange and Red ‘Thumb’ mean ?

GREEN : The Receipt/Warranty has MORE than one month until expiration
YELLOW : The Receipt/Warranty has LESS than one month until expiration
RED : The Receipt/Warranty is EXPIRED and will no longer be available to use. Don’t worry, it will still be stored in the Chambu app until you delete it

Q. How much does Chambu cost ?

Believe it or not, Chambu is entirely free. Unlike most apps which lure you in and then charge you to use certain features, Chambu takes care of its users, allowing them to use all features at no cost; That’s right, Absolutely FREE.

Q. How do I edit an entry ?

In the case where you would like to alter an entry, click into that specific entry and click the pencil on the top right of the screen. This will allow you to alter any information and if you scroll down to the bottom delete the entry if you would like. Make sure you click ‘Save’ in order to successfully update any changes into that entry and the application.

Q. Who do I contact if I have any issues or recommendations ?

If there are any issues at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us at
Chambu prides itself on being user friendly and wants what is best for its users. Thus, any recommendations or feedback would be much appreciated.

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